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it should be not, it should not be surprising that the u.s. government uses all of the lawful tools at our disposal to impede the efforts of valid terrorist targets who seek to harm the nation and radicalize others to violence. joining me now for an exclusive interview, glen greenwald. coming to us on a connectionen
. they express views that the u.s. government kids radicals. secondly one of the persons is deemed by the nsa to be a u.s. person. means heap is a citizen or gre card holder which entitles him to increase protections under
the law. americans, u.s. persons are not exempt from this program. then thirdly, there is a long, ugly history, lawrence in the united states of the u.s. government deeming certain ideas radical. such as the civil rights movement. or socialist and communist. or, anti-war protesters. then taking action to destroy them either their reputations or, their, their professions. and, i think we all ought to be aware of that history and wary of these kind of programs.
they would have in freeing to t undermine them? >> of course if the u.s. government believes there are people in the world who are expressing view points that are dangerous, of course the u.s. government like any government wants to go out and undermine them. there are a lot of people who express radical views all the time including on lots of cable tv stations i would look to go in and undermine. that doesn't mean i want the state trolling through the most private data and releasing it to the world to humiliate them and destroy their reputations. that's not something that we want the state, authorized to do. remember we are talking here,
anybody the u.s. government thinks are radicalizing people with their view points. >> so far there is no case of the nsa actually as you put it releasing this kind of
surveillance scandals in the past have been about. >> glen greenwald, thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you, lawrence. >> coming up -- how to talk more of how to talk to your crazy
the rings of the televangelist. be healed, republican party, be healed. that does it for us tonight now >>> tonight, we have more video of the new mexico state police reckless shooting at a mother and her five children in their minivan. eight more minutes of that video that has not yet been seen. and today, here in washington, it was a historic day in the united states senate. for the future of democracy. >> on track to go nuclear. >> nuclear. >> in the senate. >> so-called nuclear option. >> using a 51 vote majority. >> change the rules of the senate. >> stopping filibusters of presidential nominee. >> utterly absurd. >> republicans are concerned. >> frustration has been concerned. >> congress is broken. >> the democrats are just at their wits end. >> i believe the american people are right. >> the democrats are fed up. >> sound like harry reid is trying to change the subject. >> obstruction. >> obstruction in congress. >> so much obstruction in the senate. >> this gridlock has not served the cause of justice. >> that story line is patently ridiculous ridiculous. >> the red phone is ri
literally five days earlier was essentially unfathomable. that does it for us tonight. be sure to catch my show this weekend. saturday, sunday. 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. eastern time. now time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. have a great night. >> you know what is going to happen tomorrow. to some of you anyway. you are going to be at the table, one of your crazy relatives is going to go off on obama care, or benghazi, iran deal, our socialist president. and the smart thing to do of course is to just ask for more dessert. but. you feel look ruining everyone's meal, you can actually start arguing. tonight, we will give you've the facts that you need to win. >> it has been a rough couple weeks in washington. >> grab your pitchfork. >> once again here we have. >> republican colleagues trying to scare everybody. >> again. again. again. >> when it comes to obama care. >> obama care scandal. >> there is no way to fix this. >> how about we defund the whole thing. >> the republican spotlight returns to the benghazi tragedy. >> benghazi attacks. >> so many questions about benghazi.
that as the police have said, the victim has disclosed to us that she is not pregnant. so that pregnant element of the story, there is a true or false there and we can't say which one is true right now. one of the interesting things is the glass table. george zimmerman told her say that he broke the glass table. she says that on her 911 call. so he in the middle of his 911 call says very calmly she just broke the glass table knowing that that's one of the evidentiary elements there. he wasn't calling to -- 911 to get help. he said on the call, i want my story up, basically. i want to tell the truth knowing that this tape would come out. >> that's right. george zimmerman has known since 2005 that the best defense is a good offense. that's when his fiance chose to get a restraining order, he got one against her. in the treyvon martin case he claimed that martin attacked him and he's the victim. now he says she's the one that is crazy, she is pregnant, she is coming after me and i'm just the guy who once again is a victim. it's amazing how everybody in the world seems to be conspireing against zim
that what bill clinton said today -- people that buy on the individual market. insurance companies used to love selling insurance to the people. by and large, they were male, healthy, single. weren't going to have a baby. people who probably never use insurance they were healthy, they would never have to avail themselves of coverage that if could sell them junk plans that were cheat but that didn't have much in them. god forbid you get sick. if they start going back and grandfathering in more of the junk policies, i don't know how that strengthens the law. think it weakens it. >> david kay johnston, the target that jay carney drew, pretty narrow one. people in the market place who cannot afford or find a plan that they can afford. now, most, a lot of people we are talking about will get subsidies in the, in the system, so the affordability factor actually applies to very, very few people. >> yeah, most people will actually be better off in the situation they're describing under the plans. but i have a different take on this. lawrence, i don't think the president ever meant, you will hav
and -- the affordable care act. okay, professor, it is up to you to tell us how -- the affordable care act is doing, compared to the early days of the massachusetts law. >> the big issue, it is too early to make a strong conclusion. the bottom line is people don't sign up until they have to. >> we are doing better than massachusetts. as secretary sebelius said .3% in massachusetts. 1 1/2% of the federal level. goal of 7 million. that is not a relevant comparison. relevant comparison happen in march. we need new focus on not the week to week and day-to-day, to date. >> professor, quickly, what do you make of roughly all most four times people enrolling in medicaid than -- than purchasing with or without subsidies, the approximately sees from the exchanges. -- policies from exchanges. >> we had a program that was free, got higher enrollment than the program people had to pay. people soon up for what its free first. once again as the deadline approaches for the mandate. people rush in, healthy people coming in towards the march 31st date. >> e.j.dion, democrats listening to the professor, professor gr
. it's "the simpsons" sunday night. that does it for us tonight. happy halloween. now it's time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." have a great night. >> here's a halloween treat for you. an 8 year old dressed up a as a boston cop in 1925. he got a much bigger job than that when he grew up and, yes, that is his sister, eunice, admiring his uniform. you can see that picture of the 35th president of the united states at the kennedy library. >> the american public is mad as hell. >> it's been a rough couple weeks in washington. >> they're not going to take it anymore. it's an american horror story politically. boy, is it scary. >> people are sick of even their own representatives. >> 63% want a new member of congress. >> it's a very negative review for everybody. >> the first shock wave hit the republican party. >> it's utterly maddening. >> will anything spook ted cruz? >> who is the top leader? it's ted cruz. >> that would be the end of the republican party. >> i think republicans have to be worried. >> those numbers freak people out. who cares? >> this guy is scary. >>
prescribed medicine. 99% of women use it in their lifetime. for women this is not a religious issue. a health care issue. and it is an economic issue. for many women, the cost of birth control is a huge, huge barrier. and if you are making minimum wage at a craft store, $600 for birth control is, a serious issue. >> aaron carmone, details of the cases as i understand it. the companies are not objecting to birth control pills or birth control that its s used prior to sexual intercourse. what they're concerned about is -- morning-after pills and any action taken after the fact. >> there is a range. within the two the supreme court took. there are not any catholic cases. of the 43 for profit, have tried to claim they have liberty being violated object to all forms of birth control. important to note this is a pro noundly ly foundy -- profoundly. >> hold it to cases in front of the supreme court. >> when the supreme court rules it will resolve all the cases. what is at stack here, profound profoundly unscientific view of birth control. the idea is that birth control. they also actually object to
, zimmerman face, usually tells us nothing in this courtroom. >> yeah, that was at least according to the court. that was one of the times he showed any emotion. when strangulation was mentioned. it is important in terms of the bail that he wonder up getting. state asked for $50,000. in part because of that previous incident. and the judge, essentially split the difference, really, in favor of mr. zimmerman. because he had been asking his -- his legal counsel. asking for $4,900. he was indigent. so the bail was split up into the three count he's was charged with. but that previous strangulation incident dipped not get td not o be the maximum. >> how much does he have to come up it? lisa, how much does he have to come up with for this and how did he do that? >> typically it is 10%. his public defender said that's what it is in florida. came up with 10% of the bail amount. here, $9 t ,000, he had to come with $900. forefits the rest. his arraignment is in january. as to how he came up with the $900. i don't know. perhaps friends or supporters. because as you say, he said he had $100
, way more famous than you have ever been before. that does it for us tonight. thank you for being with us tonight. "the last word with lawrence o'donnell" starts right now. >> we are expecting a live press conference at this hour by the florida republican congressman who was convicted in washington today of possession of cocaine. and we may have reached the point where the only way to get out good news about the affordable care act is to leak it to glen greenwald service stamping it top secret. >> the obama administration's self-imposed deadlines. >> ten days before the administration's deadline. >> for fixing the federal health exchange website. >> obama care. >> obama care. >> obama care. >> they need to get this right. >> it passed the glitches with the website. >> the website and enrollment situation -- >> it will be a lot better. >> -- is in a better place today than two or three weeks ago. >> the health care law needs to be scratched. >> get rid of it? >> that's the only way it will work. >> i'm willing to work with democrats and republicans to fix this. the affordable care
that the -- the winner of the gubernatorial race in virginia its terry mcauliffe, and that does it for us. the action packed hour. back at midnight with more. stay with us, msnbc's election night coverage, and "the last word" and lawrence o'donnell. >>> it is election night in america. much of america. in new jersey, chris christie re-elected to a second term as governor. we are awaiting a victory speech from governor christie. likely within this hour. in virginia, nbc news project, democratic terry mcauliffe pulled off a narrow victory. defeated, ken cuccinelli, with 96% of the vote in. mcauliffe, has 47%. and libertarian candidate, has 7%. nbc news also projects that democrat ralph northam is winner of the lieutenant-governor race. political director, chuck todd is at the headquarters in tyson's corner, virginia. chuck, how did this race find its way to a terry mcauliffe victory and rather narrow one? >> well, a rather narrow one. i think we can be reminded. virginia is virginia. a swing state for a reason. this is as virginia goes. so goes the nation. it's ben that wen that way for decade. when yo
republican now running for the u.s. senate as a democrat. politics editor for a business insider. john, what has made you leave the republican party? >> well, lawrence, my place in the republican party began to disappear when the moderates began to disappear. i found that i have really had no place in the kau kaus. the coming of a stronger support of libertarians and tea party members. moderates for forced out. the party of which i was once a member no longer exists today in montana. they have become independent or become democrats. i chose to become a democrat. >> this movement that we have seen to the right was eventually going to leave a space and this is the space that john is talking about now. >> that's right. and it's in a lot of ways it's ways that chris christie was talking about as well. people like rick perry, people like rand paul who were trying to essentially tar him with that brush of calling him a moderate which is very much a dirty word. i think one of his most significant appearances so far has been his speech at an urban charter school. this sort of compassion and conserva
rages on within the republican party. the tee party is winning. they brought us to the brink of economic disaster. the tail is wagging the dog in the house of representatives and the senate. that civil war is going to continue. it is really horribly damaged the republican brand. and this, you know, the rebranding that my counterpart has desperately clawing at to try to make. not working out so well if you lack at results from last night particularly in virginia. >> howard dean, the republican establishment has finally found both its voice and its tactics. pouring money into the races that they were not really fighting in the past. >> it is very interesting. if you look at the voting record from the two candidates in alabama. i bet you there is not a dime's worth of difference a year from now in terms of what would happen to either one of them. the real war is not the civil war of the republican party. the war on women. i thought the extraordinary thing last night was the gender gap in virginia. had it not been for women voters none of the three top candidates, attorney general, lieutenan
increase was double digits. if they actually got sick and used the insurance they might find the next year their premiums had gone up or insurer may have dropped them altogether because they have a pre-existing condition. women were charged as much as double compared to men. so this is a market that wasn't working. and a whole lot of people were dissatisfied. what we have done to increase the consumer protections that are in place for the families and those folks. we have said, you can't drop people when they get sick and need it most. we said that you can't -- have lifetime limits so that suddenly people think they have got insurance. next thing they know they have $ $30,000, $40,000 out of pocket expenses. over the long term that's the right thing to do. but in this transition, there are going to be folks who get a cancellation letter when a website is not working. they're looking and saying, what am i going to do now. we have to make sure they're not feeling as if they have been betrayed by an effort that -- that is designed to help them. >> do you feel like, considering how much this q
and enforcing laws. claims to enforce foreign laws against foreign and u.s. citizens. these regulations were not made by the u.s. congress or some executive agency but by a foreign government with unfamiliar procedures. every one of those words, every word i just read to you from the first to the last appear in a 2003 case study from the heritage foundation you see on the screen now. just so you can officialize it. these three highlighted pages of the book from buzzfeed show how dense the copied portions are in governor paul's book. i guess it comes down to some kind of strange -- not that there was a mistake made and has been made in a number of other cases where words were taken down and used as his by a staffer i assume. he refuses to admit the obvious. this isn't a battle between him and rachel maddow or anyone else. this is a battle between him and evidence that has built up from a search engine that are used in colleges, universities, good schools, to check for plagiarism. he has been caught. why doesn't he admit it? >> you know, i think that's the question here. these things happen al
it done. [ applause ] let's face it. a lot of us didn't realize that passing the law was the easy part. change isn't easy, period. change in this area is especially hard because it touches on everybody. everybody's lives are impacted and it's a very personal issue. you know? and when you're undertaking something this big, this important like health care reform, we knew we were going to get resistance. maybe not. maybe not to the same degree as we have gotten, but there is a reason why this has not gotten done before. and by the way there is a reason why the opponents of this law have never been able to actually offer a better alternative. all right? initially they said they would. we're just going work on it and fix things that are not working the way they should be. we're going to smooth this thing out and we're going to keep on going. we're going to keep on going because it is too important to too many people not just in this generation but in future generations and we have got to make sure that we stay on track to make this work. [ applause ] just remember this. i have run my last p
for them. and it didn't. and, again, that's on us. which is why we're -- that's on me. and that's why i'm trying to fix it. >> joining me now, host of msnbc's "up with steve" on the weekends and msnbc analyst, eugene robinson. i thought the president answered major garret's question very well. i thought it made perfect sense but i'm not the test audience. how do you think that sounded to voters out there, who just aren't quite sure what's happening this week? >> i don't think ended up not being accurate was possibly the best phrase he could have used. but actually, i think it probably came off pretty well to average voters. everybody loves a good mea culpa. i think he was officially contrite. at the same time, sufficiently resolute in saying i'm not going to turn my back on 40 million americans who don't have health care insurance. we're going to move this forward, fix it. right now we're going to fix this one problem and maybe there will be other problems we need to fix. we certainly need to get the website fixed but we're going to move ahead with it. i think people will be more recept
central goal is to prevent them from getting nuclear weapons. >> the u.s. and its allies signed an historic agreement. >> these are substantial limitations. >> this deal freezes iran's nuclear program. >> and it allows for daily inspections. >> daily inspections of iran's nuclear facilities. >> which will help prevent iran from building a nuclear weapon. >> the deal is already being criticized. >> this interim deal is dangerous. >> partisan bickering is the background noise. >> questioning the big deal that president obama made. >> the first true dialogue in 34 years. >> this is a process mplgt. >> as a first time presidential candidate in 2008, president obama promised that foreign policy would focus on diplomacy. john mccain criticized the president for saying he would seek to speak directly to the leaders of iran but president obama has now broken america's 34 year isolation from iran. president obama made the dramatic announcement that the united states and other countries have reached an agreement with iran. there will be a reduction to some of the brutal economic sanctions
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